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Frequently Asked Questions

Which debit / credit cards can I use to make payments on

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover debit / credit cards issued by U.S. Banks*. You may make multiple payments to your student account via the system using any combination of debit / credit cards and account transfers. <more>

About Foreign Debit & Credit Card use:

Most foreign banks will decline Debit / Credit card payments which are attempted "online" (via because they are not "in-person" payment requests.

If you would like to use a debit / credit card drawn off an international bank:

  • please make sure your bank is aware of the pending charge
  • please use the student's local (U.S.) address and zip code when making the payment

USC receives "not approved" on payments made using international debit / credit cards at a much higher frequency than on debit / credit cards drawn on U.S. banking institutions. This is typically because the foreign bank is not aware that you are attending a U.S. school and may consider the charge and the dollar amount to be potential fraud. Please contact your bank to find out why a payment request was rejected.

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