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Student Financial Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which debit / credit cards can I use to make payments on

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover debit / credit cards issued by U.S. Banks*. You may make multiple payments to your student account via the system using any combination of debit / credit cards and account transfers. <more>

It usually takes two business days for us to receive notification that a payment has been declined during settlement. If your payment is declined, we will charge your student account and you will be responsible for the new balance due. To avoid late fees, please allow ample time for payments to be posted by the payment due date.


About Foreign Debit & Credit Card use:

Most foreign banks will decline Debit / Credit card payments which are attempted "online" (via because they are not "in-person" payment requests.

If you would like to use a debit / credit card drawn off an international bank:

  • please make sure your bank is aware of the pending charge
  • please use the student's local (U.S.) address and zip code when making the payment

USC receives "not approved" on payments made using international debit / credit cards at a much higher frequency than on debit / credit cards drawn on U.S. banking institutions. This is typically because the foreign bank is not aware that you are attending a U.S. school and may consider the charge and the dollar amount to be potential fraud. Please contact your bank to find out why a payment request was rejected.



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