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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e·bill?

An e·bill is a monthly email notice sent to any student with a balance due or any activity on their student account (with a few exceptions).  For many years, e·bills have been emailed to:

  • Students' official USC email address (ending in '')
  • Alternate Email Address
  • Guest email addresses flagged to receive e·Bill notices via
    guest user setup on USCe·pay or OASIS.

The e·bill notice advises that a copy of the newest monthly statement for a student's CRS account is now available online at  In addition, the monthly e·bill notice includes various linksa link to the home page.  Click here to see an archive of monthly e-bill notification text, sent to students and authorized guest users...

We generate student account statements twelve times yearly, at intervals of four to five weeks. Payments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the due date (printed on the statement) to ensure that they are credited to the account before finance charges are assessed. 

Sample e-bill text (as of 12/1/2011):

< >
              Message Generated on mm/dd/yy
USC student e.bill now available

This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address.  PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.  to contact us, visit .  For an expanded version of this notice with more detailed information, visit

Dear Student/Guest,

Your new monthly billing statement is now available on You are receiving this because there is either a balance due on your account OR you have had activity in the past month.

To access and view your statement:

- students go to  or and click on ""
- Guests go to:  .

Our system has been updated and now displays your student account and payment plan information on one page.

To pay, click "make payment." You can now store payment profiles securely for future use.

The Spring 2012 USC Payment Plan is closed to new enrollment. If you are already participating in the spring 2012 payment plan, you may still have a balance owing on your student account. Please check your student account to ensure that you have no balance due.


1098-T forms for 2011 have been mailed. Visit  for more information.


For reminders about deadlines and important information about student accounts and/or payment plans on your cellphone: .

USC Student Financial Services  

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