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Purchasing Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Limited Engagement of Individuals

There are certain types of engagements that qualify as exceptions to the standard independent contractor policy. These may be generally referred to as honoraria payments and are conducted on a limited basis. Examples of individuals that qualify for exception include:

  • One-time academic guest speakers, guest artists or special lecturers1
  • Distinguished guest speakers at university functions
  • Tenure referees
  • Professional publication manuscript reviewers/editors
  • Non-recurring seminar/workshop leaders

1An academic guest speaker who is the instructor of record for a for-credit course is not an independent contractor. Instructors of record are faculty and are classified as employees.

For these individuals, departments may submit a Disbursement Voucher (DV) payment request. Active employees are not eligible for payment as a limited engagement.

Approval of the Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is required for payments exceeding $10,000 for academic/research units. Approval of the business unit's Vice President is required for all other payments exceeding $10,000. Please ensure allowability against funding source if utilizing a government or other non-CU account.

If the individual is not already available as a supplier in Kuali, please submit a request to onboard them as a DV Vendor using the New USC Supplier Request form. A supplier onboarded as a DV Vendor receives the Limited Payee application that requires the following data fields:

  • Payee Name
  • Legal Structure
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Resident Status
  • Preferred Payment Method - Check or Direct Deposit
    • If direct deposit is requested bank routing information is collected
  • Physical Address (for business correspondence)
  • Remittance Address (for payment)
  • Electronic Signature for Tax Form
  • Acknowledgement of Conflict of Interest clause and submission of application

The following guides are available to support the individual in completion of the application:

Supplier Data Management Services will complete their screening process within two business days upon successful submission of the Limited Payee application. The supplier record will then be made available in Kuali and can be used for DV processing. The DV Initiator role is required for creation and submission of a DV. Guides are available to support DV Initiators with the DV process.

The DV eDoc data values are the only information required to process payment. Please note that limited engagement payments do not require an Independent Contractor Agreement, Work Status Evaluation, or Invoice.