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Classifying and Engaging Independent Contractors

The links below provide definitions and examples, and facilitate classification and payment of independent contractors. Before engaging an independent contractor, it is important to read through USC's Independent Contractor policies and procedures.

Forms for Independent Contractors

The following independent contractor forms should be completed according to the instructions in each step of the Quick Reference Guide. For limited engagement of individuals who do not qualify as Independent Contractors, please use the DV process in Kuali.

Engagement of New Independent Contractors

The steps for engaging a new independent contractor are as follows:

  • Departments submit the New USC Supplier Request form to USC Supplier Data Management Services (SDMS).
  • SDMS invites the independent contractor to complete his/her profile in the USC Supplier Portal.
  • The independent contractor completes and submits the profile.
  • SDMS reviews it for completeness and accuracy before adding the independent contractor to the USC eMarket.
  • SDMS notifies the requesting department when the on-boarding process is complete.

The university is required by law to provide a secure means for transmitting and storing sensitive information. Since independent contractors work under a Social Security Number (see Independent Contractor Definition and Examples), new independent contractors are required to personally complete and submit the USC Supplier Portal profile. According to the laws governing informaton security, email is not considered a secure form of transmission.