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Friday, June 21, 2013

New Functionality for Fiscal Year End Transactions

The functionality for deferring transactions to FY14 is now available in USC eMarket and DV/DVQE. The functionality for specifying after-the-fact payments as FY13 in 13 Series will be available beginning July 1.

The table below provides a snapshot of when and how to utilize the new functionality for all transactions:

  DV/DVQE USC eMarket
Immediately (charges deferred to FY14)
Add actual accounting  X  X
Select indicator for FY14  X  X
July 1 (after-the-fact FY13 charges in 13 Series)
Add actual accounting  X  X
Select indicator for FY13  X X

The links below provide a full list of year-end procedures and deadlines, including additional details on the new functionality:

Remember, if the good or service was delivered in FY13, the payment should be made in FY13.