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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Independent Contractor Policy Exceptions


Dear Colleague:

Please be advised that the independent contractor procedure has been modified to include a payment option for individuals who qualify as exceptions to the university's independent contractor policies. Examples of individuals that qualify for this exception include:

  • One-time academic guest speakers, guest artists or special lecturers
  • Distinguished guest speakers at university functions
  • Tenure referees
  • Professional publication manuscript reviewers/editors
  • Non-recurring seminar/workshop leaders

For these individuals, departments must complete a Payment Request for Limited Engagement of Individuals and attach it to a form check request. The paperwork is then routed to the department's HR Partner for review and approval before submission to Disbursement Control for processing. The Independent Contractor Agreement, Work Status Evaluation and new supplier application forms are not required for this type of individual engagement.

Please note that the individual is not required to sign the form. However, payment requests exceeding $10,000 require the approval of the Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (for academic/research units), or the department's Vice President (for business/administrative units).

Further details about this process, along with the payment request form, can be found in the Independent Contractors section of the Purchasing Services web site. Departments may begin using the new form immediately.

Please share this information with all project managers, principal investigators, researchers, etc., that utilize the services of independent contractors.