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Office of Financial Analysis
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Known eCert Issues  (as of 07/26/16)

Ongoing Issues

Effort Certification Issue

Affected Population

Corrective Action

1. Certifiers unable to "Approve" ECD Less than 5 certifiers

In a very few number of cases, we have seen that certifiers have more than one Kuali profile.

This is common among certifiers who were previously students at USC.  eCert is pulling the first profile it sees, and if this profile is "inactive", the certifier will not be able to certify.  In these rare cases, we are allowing paper certifications.

2. Terminated Employees Approx. 40 Certifiers

For preparers..please follow these instructions:

1.Prepare the ECD with the Effort Percentages

2.Print out the ECD from the eCert Dashboard NOT from the Kuali action list.

3.       Obtain a signature (PI/ Co-PI/ Dept Chair). If you are using Chrome or Firefox, sometimes the ECDs print a little weird. If you experience this, you can highlight the entire ECD using your cursor, and when you click Print, choose “Print Selection Only”.  We have not experienced the odd print issue with Internet Explorer.

4.Upload the signed ECD form into the Notes in eCert as attachment

5.Notify via email with the employees name and 7 digit Id, or ECD number

6.Once OFA has reviewed the documentation and verifies the signature, an eCert Admin will go into eCert and mark the ECD as complete.

3. Reviewers / Certifiers unable to "Assign” Preparers Less than 15 Reviewers/ Certifiers

In a few number of cases, we have seen that Reviewers and/or Certifiers have been unable to assign Preparers in eCert.

Some users have reported that once they used a different browser and/or updated their web browser settings, they were able to make the Preparer assignments.  Please note that you must have the “activation box” (located next to the Certifiers name) checked at all time in order to activate the Preparer Assignment fields.  Currently, the box becomes inactive during the process so please be sure to activate it as you make the necessary changes.

Add Preparers one at a time for now for each Certifier to prevent error messages. The eCert IT folks are aware of the problem and are working to correct the problem as soon as possible.

If the problem persists, notify via email with the employees name and 7 digit Id, or ECD number and we will do our best to provide the necessary assistance.


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