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Recharge Centers

A recharge center is a department or functional unit which performs specific technical or administrative services primarily for the benefit of other units within a reporting unit. It is provided to enable our researchers to obtain these services at reasonable costs when compared to utilizing those services through external channels.

   * There is a demand for goods and/or services by multiple users

   * The goods and/or services are provided on a regular basis

   * The cost of goods and/or services can clearly be identified

   * Usage by customers can be reasonably measured

   * Billing rates can be established that measure the costs of the goods and services provided


Recharge Centers are also commonly known as:

  Service Centers

  Research Core Facilities

  Animal Research Facilities



Recharge Center Policy


Recharge Center Listing (by school):

Viterbi School of Engineering

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Keck School of Medicine

School of Pharmacy


Other Recharge Center Related Links:

Research Centers




If you wish to use our standard templates for the calculation of your recharge rates, the links can be found here:


How to Establish a Service Center Checklist

- This checklist will assist you as you begin the process of creating a new Service Center

New Recharge Center Request Template

- Use this form to provide initial information to begin the process of creating a recharge center.

Service Center Rate Analysis Template

- Use this template to assist you in preparing all necessary financial requirements. If you need assistance with this templace, please contact OFA for assistance at extension 11937.








Procedure Guide:






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