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Mailing and Material Management Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Left Bullet USC Mail Box Locations    

USC collection boxes are for your convenience and are collected every day Monday through Friday at 5:15 P.M.(Effective 8/3/2015). These collection boxes are located throughout campus and can be easily identified by their cardinal and gold color.

FedEx drop-off boxes are also located throughout the campus.  Please refer to map below for a general location. For pick-up deadlines, please refer to the News and Events section of our web site.

DO NOT DEPOSIT EXPRESS MAIL (USPS, FedEx, UPS, AIRBORNE or any OVERNIGHT MAIL) into USC collection boxes. The mail is collected after all overnight deadlines.

There are 5 collection boxes located at UPC and 2 collection boxes located at HSC. 


UPC Collection box locations:

 1. Parking Structure A
     3667 McClintock Avenue

 2. Parking Structure C (PSX)
     620 W. McCarthy Way

 3. Parking Structure D
     649 West 34th Street

 4. Bovard Administration
     3551 Trousdale Parkway



HSC Collection box locations:

  • On the quad in front of Seaver Student Residence Hall (SRH).
  • Infront of the Center for Health Professions Bldg. (CHP).