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FedEx Information


Terms of Service for USC FedEx National Account

The discounted rates for the USC FedEx National Account are based on all invoices being paid within the terms of the contract. The payment term for the USC FedEx National Account is 30 days. It is recommended that all invoices are paid within 20 days of the invoice date. The method of payment that is strongly preferred is the university Procurement Card (PCard).


It is the responsibility of each department to ensure all invoices for FedEx are reviewed and paid in a timely manner. Invoice charges not belonging to the department should be immediately disputed with FedEx. Mailing & Material Management Services (MMMS) will review a monthly report submitted by FedEx referencing all invoices that were not paid by the due date. An email will be sent by MMMS to each department informing them of their past due invoices. If payment still has not been paid 45 days after the due date, a procurement card must be linked to the account for automatic payment. If the past due amount has not been paid in 60 days, the account will be removed from the USC FedEx National Account and retail rates will apply.


FedEx does not offer discounted rates for FedEx Same Day or FedEx First Overnight.  Both overnight options are available for use by USC FedEx National Account members; however, these services are at higher rates and should probably be used for business critical reasons only.  Same Day Courier Service: Please contact FedEx at 800 399-5999 for rates and times regarding local and out of area delivery.

Update Credit Card Information

Please contact FedEx Revenue Services at 1-800-622-1147 and press option 3 to update your credit card information if you are currently linked to the USC contracted rates.


New Account Set-Up

USC faculty and staff who would like to establish a new FedEx account and benefit from the savings associated with USC's contract need to complete the following steps.

  1. Call 1-800-GOFEDEX and say "New Account Setup" at the prompt.
  2. You will be connected to an representative who will assist with the setup.
  3. You will be asked to provide an account name (i.e. USC Biology, etc), contact name, address, and phone number for the shipper address.
  4. Let the representative know you will be billing to a credit card (P-Card) and provide your P-Card information.  Note that the billing address on FedEx account must match billing address on P-Card.
  5. You will be given your 9 digit FedEx account number and sent a welcome kit.
  6. When you receive your 9-digit FedEx account number, send an email to In your email, include your 9-digit FedEx account number, the 10 digit USC ID of the P-Card Holder and request to link the account number to USC's FedEx pricing program.

Note that payment via Procurement Card (P-Card) is required to bill against a nine-digit FedEx account number.  If you do not want to use a P-Card, you can use an Outgoing Mail Requisition (for which you do not need a FedEx account). Demo

The benefits of USC's contract with FedEx are maximized through the use of USC's FedEx rates have been loaded into, and FedEx account holders can benefit from these great savings.

Once logged into your account, you can easily produce ready-to-mail airbills from your desktop and print them from your office printer, store commonly used addresses, and track shipments around the world.

FedEx offers an on-line training tutorial that explains and can be easily referenced from your desktop.

Purchasing Federal Express Contract Home Page

Link Existing FedEx Account to USC's FedEx Contracted Rates

(Existing FedEx Account must be linked to a Procurement Card)

Existing FedEx 9-digit account holders already linked to a Procurement Card, should send an email to fedex.accounts@usc.eduIn your email, include your 9-digit FedEx account number, the 10 digit USC ID of the P-Card Holder and request to link the account number to USC's FedEx pricing program.


Outgoing Mail Requisition Option

Users who do not want to setup a new FedEx account, use a Procurement Card or another credit card can prepare a hardcopy airbill and pay for FedEx via an Outgoing Mail Requisition. When using the Outgoing Mail Requisition, you do not need to provide a nine-digit FedEx account number. You only need to provide your department's 10-digit USC account number. 



Want to find the zone you are shipping to? Click here to view the FedEx Zone Locator.


FedEx USC Contact

If you have questions about the university's contract with FedEx, or need assistance with deliveries, pick-ups, etc., please contact:

Nita Pilate
Administrative Services Manager
Mailing and Material Management Services

FedEx packages and envelopes paid with an Outgoing Mail Requisition must be picked up by USC Mailing and Material Management Services or dropped off at the Mail Stop (UPC), or One Stop (HSC). Call 213-821-1200 before 4:45 pm to schedule a pick-up.

FedEx Contacts

If you have questions for FedEx, please contact the following resources:

  • For technical support questions/problems when using FedEx Ship Manager at 877-339-2774
  • For account or billing questions: 800-622-1147
  • For missed or late pick-ups or other operational issues call FedEx Central Dispatch: 213-741-2412

The links below provide detailed information on the FedEx contract and how to utilize it.

  • Logistics
    • Outbound pick-ups and drop-offs
    • Drop boxes and service centers
    • Inbound deliveries
    • FedEx supplies
  • Rate Information
    • Confirmation of correct rates
      • There are no discounted rates for FedEx First Overnight service.
    • Surcharges
    • Rate and billing adjustments