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Mailing and Material Management Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

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Postal/Mailing Service Forms

Departments may call us to obtain Outgoing Mail Requisitions,  interdepartmental envelope, U.S. Postal Service forms, publications and supplies.

Contact: (213) 821-1200
Cost:       No charge.

Mail Pickup and Delivery

Schools or departments that produce a large volume of mail generally have two pickups and deliveries per day; one between 9 and 11 a.m. and the other between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. Routes are occasionally revised because of changes in mail volume and flow. Please call Mailing Services to arrange for the pickup of an unusually large amount of outgoing mail or large packages and boxes.

Contact: (213) 821-1200
Cost:       No charge.

Mail Collection Boxes

First-class mail is collected from U.S. Postal Service blue collection boxes located on campus once a day. Interdepartmental mail should never be deposited in a U.S. Postal Service collection box. USC mail collection boxes, painted cardinal and gold, are used exclusively for interdepartmental mail and outgoing mail accompanied by an Outgoing Mail Requisition. Mail is collected from these boxes once daily (Monday through Friday) at 5:15 p.m.(Effective 8/3/2015). Outgoing mail accompanied by a requisition will be processed the same evening and delivered to the post office. Interdepartmental mail is delivered the following morning. USC Mail Collection Box Locations.

Contact: (213) 821-1200
Cost:       No charge for interdepartmental mail. 
               Outgoing mail charges based on amount of postage required.

Contracted Overnight Express Service

This next day mail service is highly reliable and has the most advanced tracing network available. Mailing Services will pick up from your department, during regular pickup times, any express package that is to be sent through the contracted vendor. You can also call Mailing Services for a special pickup until 4:45 p.m. An Outgoing Mail Requisition is required to send mail by the express service. Packaging materials and supplies are available through Mailing Services.

For more information and Drop box locations click here

Contact: (213) 821-1200
Cost:       Rates are set by vendor.      Click here for a list of sample rates.

International Express

The U.S. Postal Service offers three-day or less guaranteed mail delivery to most foreign countries. Receipts are required at the origin and destination for all shipments. Maximum of $500 of insurance coverage is included in the rates.

Contact: (213) 821-1200
Cost:       Postage rates are determined by the Postal Service. Click here for a list of rates.

Located in the Parking Structure C (PSX) lobby, is a postal convenience center for all campus mailing needs. Some of the services and items provided at the Mail Stop are:

  • Mailing supplies, including envelopes, jiffy bags, shipping boxes, and tape
  • Stamps
  • Certified, registered, and insured mail
  • Overnight mail
  • Fax
  • Package weighing and delivery to the post office
  • USC mailbox rentals (First-class mail is forwarded June through August per U.S. Postal Service requirements; during the school year, box holders can call the Mail Stop to see if they have received mail.)

Contact: (213) 740-2467
Cost:       Dependent on service or item requested.
                Requisition, USCard, cash, check, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.