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Mailing and Material Management Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Shipping and Receiving

Our mission at Material Management Services (MMS) Shipping and Receiving is to administer receipt and delivery functions, and to provide reliable service, while guaranteeing that goods are received and shipped to the final destination in a cost-effective and expeditious manner. Our experienced staff and specialized tracking system allows for accurate handling, distribution, documentation, processing and delivery of all incoming and outgoing shipments to the university community.

Preparing your freight shipment:
  • USC departments shipping out items via UPS, FedEx, or any other external carrier must make sure all shipments are properly packaged and safely secured to prevent damage during shipping. This includes making sure items are properly strapped when shipping on a pallet.  Packaging must be done according to its contents and weight.  Any special handling instructions must be attached to the shipment.
  • Based on visual external inspection only, Material Management personnel cannot determine if items are properly packaged.  Therefore, Material Management will not be responsible for damaged goods due to insufficient or improper packaging.  We suggest that you contact the carrier you have selected as your shipper for information or services that can improve your packaging strategies.
  • UPS 1.800.742.5877

    FEDEX  1.800.633.7019

Benefits of using Shipping and Receiving:
  • No C.O.Ds
    No Cash on Delivery will be accepted.  The addressee will be notified by MMS of such delivery attempt.
  • Lower Freight Costs
    Receive, document and deliver your shipment, thus eliminating extra expenses associated with an outside freight carrier.
  • Improved Inspections
    Carefully inspect the packaging and document the external condition and shortage against packing slip of all incoming shipments; while providing fast turn-around of items for delivery.
  • Deliveries
    Shipments will be delivered the next business day after receipt.
  • Reduced Campus Traffic
    Using Shipping and Receiving minimizes congestion and the number of outside freight vehicles traveling throughout campus.
  • Short Term Storage
    Our facility is capable of holding shipments on a temporary basis (1 week) while
    departments make arrangement for receipt of shipment.  If the shippment needs to be kept longer than 1 week, additional storage charges will apply.  Please contact Material Management at (213) 821-1200.
  • Perishables
    Perishables received by 12:00pm are guarranteed same day delivery, if received after 12:00pm all effort will be made for same day delivery, if not possible perishables are subject to refrigerated overnight storage with departmental approval.
  • Oversize Packages for Delivery
    Efforts will be made to accomadate oversize package delivery.  If unable to facilitate package delivery; the contact department will be notified by MMS, with instructions to coordinate delivery with Facilities Management.
Standard Receiving Procedures

Receiving will receive packages; inspect items received for quantity against the packing slip, quality of packaging, and coordinate delivery to the requesting department; ship items returned to vendors.

Unless otherwise specified on the original purchase order, all supplies and equipment received at the university will be delivered to the receiving dock of MMS.  The packages will then be delivered to the requesting department and receipt will be acknowledged by signature on a palm pilot.

An initial visual inspection of packaging will be performed on all packages received via outside freight carriers.  The purpose of this inspection is to discover any damage, overage or shortage against the packing slip in the presence of the carrier's representative.

Oversized Shipments
The requesting departments may arrange the delivery of large, bulky items directly to the final destination to avoid double-handling.  Departments should note the delivery and handling instructions on the purchase order and make advanced arrangements with the supplier.

Special Handling
Various live, perishable, and sensitive shipments require special processing and expedited service.  Receiving will take every precaution to protect these special shipments. The requesting departments will be notified immediately of any items noted to require controlled temperatures or refrigeration.  Classified items will be maintained in a secure area and delivered only to the department authorized on the purchase order. 

Shortages in Shipments:
When MMS inspects shipments against the packing slip and a shortage is discovered,  the shortage will be noted on the freight bill of lading at time of acceptance.

Damaged Shipments:
When MMS inspects quality of packing and damages to the packing are discovered, a notation is immediately noted on the carrier's bill of lading.  MMS will contact the requesting department immediately.