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Division of Financial and Business Services

SPA Budget Reallocation


The SPA Budget Reallocation (SPA BR or SBR) eDoc is a KFS module specifically used for the budget change type, Budget Reallocations, which are posted within the fiscal period 1-12. The Year End SPA Budget Reallocation (YESR) eDoc is the corresponding year-end eDoc that enables users to post a SPA BR request into fiscal period 13. The SBR and YESR eDocs enable authorized department users to reallocate funds between object codes (permitted by the award’s terms and conditions) within one or more account numbers associated with the same KC Award ID throughout the course of the project.

A system user’s account access is restricted to the accounts and organization codes for which he/she has received the necessary permissions.

The system is designed to check the budget reallocation entries that the user has specified in the SPA Budget Reallocation eDoc, looking for any account-number-and-object-code combinations associated with an award for which sponsor prior approval may be required.

Compliance with Award Terms and Conditions

In order to address the terms and conditions of the award, the eDoc performs system validations, and also presents questions to assist in the evaluation and determine the approval workflow. A Questions tab on the eDoc will automatically display a set of yes/no questions, along with requests for any required justification documents that must be attached to the eDoc.

The questions and validation items presented on the Questions tab of the SPA Budget Reallocation eDoc are dependent on the definitions currently defined in the Terms and Conditions maintenance tables of the KFS SPA Budget Reallocation module.

The ultimate responsibility for ensuring USC remains in compliance with the terms and conditions agreed upon in the relevant award lies with the schools and departments, who have intimate knowledge of the details of the award. Therefore, if you notice that the Questions tab does not include any items addressing a term or condition that you know is specified for the applicable award, you should contact your Contracts and Grants (CGB) Fund Manager for assistance.

Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs Recovery

When Fringe Benefits (FB) and Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR; formally known as overhead or Facilities and Administrative/F&A cost) are associated with the requested budget reallocation changes, those budget amounts must be included on the Accounting Lines tab of the SPA Budget Reallocation eDoc. The eDoc’s initiator can click a Calculate button at the bottom of the eDoc form that will calculate those costs as needed and enter the necessary accounting lines automatically. This automatic calculation of FB and ICR is required for most departmental users.

Requesting Access

The Fiscal Officer (formally known as Senior Business Officer) or Director of Research needs to request access for appropriate staff members through the User Access Request form. Training is required for SPA Budget Reallocation before access is granted.

User Support


SPA BR User Guide

SPA BR Administrative User Guide

SPA BR PowerPoint Training Presentation

Import Template: Please save this file in .csv format

User Roles 


For any questions regarding SPA Budget Reallocations, please contact your CGB Fund Manager.