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Division of Financial and Business Services

Internal Billing Service Center: Facilities Management Services

In an effort to improve the requisition and billing process, Facilities Management Services (FMS) utilizes the new Kuali Financial System (KFS) Internal Billing functionality. We now only accept Kuali Internal Billing Requisitions (IBRs), and no longer accept paper requisitions.

The Internal Billing module requires service requesters to submit an eDoc when a billable service is required. To simplify the approval and billing process, we have created FMS service departments to reflect the required services. Please use one of the following Service Centers and follow the tips below:

568 - FMS One Time Customer Service: 213-740-6833

  • Debbie Guillen-Aguilar and Elsie Hemphill

569 - FMS Blanket Requisitions: 213-740-2382

  • Joe Lumunsad

570 - FMS Projects: 323-442-8005 or 213-740-6833

  • Marian Purcell

571 - FMS Events Support: 213-740-3361

  • Barbara Sussoev, Calo Tisci, David Dong, and Frank Soria

The KFS Internal Billing eDoc requires that an amount be designated. Please use the estimated amount that has been agreed upon. If no estimate has been provided, such as in the case of a one-time service request, enter $250.00 for the amount. This amount should cover the majority of our one-time service charges.

For many services (with the exception of estimated projects and events), especially repeat services, a blanket requisition is preferred because it will allow multiple billings against the requisition. As we are all learning the new system, an initial blanket requisition from you may be the easiest way to implement the new billing process.

After you submit or request a Service Request and acquire the SR#/PR#, please use the information outlined below to submit an Internal Billing eDoc to one of the four FMS Service Centers.


1. 568 FMS Customer Service: One-Time service and non-estimated events support

  • Enter SR#/PR# in eDoc Description field (first mandatory field)
  • Enter Object Code "20230" except:
    • for "69" accounts, use "44420"
    • for "19" accounts, use "73409"
  • Submit and set initial amount for $250
    • If amount is less than $250, the actual amount will be billed and the lien will be released.
    • If amount will exceed $250, FMS will bill the actual amount.

2. 569 FMS Blanket Requisitions

  • Enter Current FY, School/Department, and "Blanket" in eDoc Description field (first mandatory field) For example, "FY16 CINEMA BLANKET"
  • Select Requisition Type Code "Blanket"
  • Enter Object Code "20230" (for "69" accounts, use "44420")
  • Set Amount

3. 570 FMS Projects

  • Enter SR#/PR# in eDoc Description field (first mandatory field)
  • Enter Object Code "20230" (for "69" accounts, use "44420")
  • Set amount to estimated amount
  • Attach estimate memo 

4. 571 FMS Events

  • Enter SR#/PR# in eDoc Description field (first mandatory field)
  • Enter Object Code "20230"
  • Set amount to estimated amount
  • Attach estimate memo

Visit the Internal Billing page of the Kuali@USC website for user support materials and training links. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the appropriate Service Center from the numbers listed above.

Please share this information with anyone on your staff who is authorized to request services from Facilities Management Services.