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Division of Financial and Business Services

New Administrative Systems

The following chart lists all new administrative systems that have been implemented or will be implemented in the near future at USC.

 New System

 System It Replaces

 Date of Implementation


 Budget Change
 WebBA Budget Change
  •  Rebudgeting of funds between object codes within one or more account number(s). (General, SPA and Gift).
 Budget Construction
 Budget Development System (BDS)
  •  Allows USC Senior Business Officers and their designated staff to develop the annual budgets online for their centers and input the payroll for the new fiscal year.
 Capital Asset Management System/CAMS  Equipment Management  October 2012
  •  Track and manage the inventory of USC's movable and non-movable capital assets as well as non-capital items.
 Cashiering  WebBA Cashiering  September 2009
  •  Departmental deposits of cash, checks and credit card transactions.
 Disbursement Voucher (DV)
 WebBA Check Request
 November 2012
  •  Request payments that should not be on a purchase order.
 Disbursement Voucher Quick Expense (DVQE)
 WebBA Quick Expense  November 2012
  •  Used for travel and non-travel reimbursements.
 Inquiries  WebBA General Ledger Inquiries
 April 2012
  •  Predefined searches for Available and General Ledger Balances, Sufficient Funds and Account Look-up.
 Internal Billing
 WebBA Internal Requisitions
 Fall 2014
  •  Process used for internal requisitions, where service are paid for between departments within the university.
 Journal Voucher (JV)
 WebBA Journal Voucher (JV)  June 2011
  •  Journal Voucher (Journal Voucher/JV): Records miscellaneous financial transactions, including interdepartmental income, external income, transfers between accounts, receivables, payables, gifts and investments.
 Procurement Card (P-Card) eStatement & Reallocation
  Procurement Card (P-Card)   December 2010
  •  Procurement Card (Procurement Card):  P-Cards give buying power to authorized employees and is the recommended form of payment for low dollar, one-time, or emergency purchases of goods. P-Card eStatements, which delineate all charges, are delivered monthly. The P-Card Reallocation process allows authorized individuals to reallocate P-Card charges between accounts and to submit those changes for electronic approval.
 Travel Card
 Transitioned from AMEX to Citibank cards  November 2012
  •  Preferred method of payment for official USC travel and events.
 USC eMarket
 WebBA  October 2012
  •  Purchasing and Accounts Payable solution that allows employees to purchase from catalog vendors, do requisitions, generate purchase orders, receive orders, etc.


 Cognos Standard Reports
 WebBA  January 2013
  •  Variety of standard financial reports, such as ASRs, Analysis R, Financial Roll-Up, etc.
 Cognos Ad Hoc Reporting
 Requesting reports from EIS  June 2013
  •  Provides ability to produce self-service, specialized reports that integrate data from multiple systems.


 Trojan Time
 OTiS  2013
  •  USC’s online timekeeping system.
 Workday  Human Resource Management System; Payroll,  Personnel, and Benefits System; and eTrac
 January 1, 2014
  •  System will enhance USC's human resources, benefits, compensation, payroll, absence management and performance management functions. It will include Employee Self Service, which is replacing eTrac.

 TARA (Total Access for Research Administration)

 CORES  departmental systems  2013
  •  Automates billing and other services for shared laboratories.
 diSClose  paper process
 July 2012
  •  Submit and track conflict of interest disclosures.
 Effort Certification  eCert on SCera  Summer 2013
  •  Certifying that the effort expended on each project matches the amount billed to the sponsor.
 Financial Projection System  departmental systems  May 2013
  •  System designed for investigators, departments, centers, and schools as a tool to create financial cost projections for one or more of their accounts.
 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee  paper process  February 2013
  •  Submit and track protocols.
 Institutional Biosafety Committee
 paper process  July 2013
  • Research invovling biohazardous materials must be registered with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
 iStar – Institutional Review Board
 paper process  January 2005
  •  iStar – Institutional Review Board (paper process): Application routing and tracking system that increases the efficiency of the approval and administrative processes for projects and protocols involving human subjects in research. Will now integrate with Kuali Coeus.
 Kuali Coeus Post-Award
 Contracts and Grants
 April 2013
  •  Supports post-award management of research awards.
 Kuali Coeus Pre-Award
 Contracts and Grants  Fall 2013
  • Supports proposal and budget preparations, routing, submission and negotiation for research awards.
 Radiation Safety Committee
 paper process  August 2013
  • The Radiation Safety Committee evaluates all proposals for and maintains surveillance over all use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment within University purview.