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Division of Financial and Business Services

USC Supplier Portal

The USC Supplier Portal, the university’s supplier data management system, allows suppliers to self-manage their own profiles (i.e., address and banking information), making the addition and maintenance of supplier data more efficient.

The USC Supplier Portal is only applicable to:

  • PO Vendors (suppliers/individuals paid via purchase order in the USC eMarket and via the DV/DVQE process)

  • DV Vendors (suppliers/individuals paid via the DV/DVQE process only)

In Kuali there is a third vendor type, Special Vendors, that represent one-time payments such as refunds and human subject fees for which a tax ID (FEIN or SSN) is not collected. Special Vendors are not included in the USC Supplier Portal.

It is important to note that employees are not set up as suppliers but are available in Kuali as Payees via a direct feed from Payroll Services. Non-employee students, however, do need to be added as DV Vendors or Special Vendors for reimbursements or refunds.

Note: Special Vendors cannot be paid via direct deposit. If a supplier/individual requires direct deposit payment, the department must request that the supplier be added as a DV Vendor to the USC Supplier Portal. Employee direct deposit for reimbursements must be set up using the Direct Deposit Authorization for Employee Reimbursements form and faxed to 888-498-1118; this is a secure fax number and is applicable to employees only.

Requesting a New Supplier

Please note that unsolicited supplier applications are no longer accepted. The USC Supplier Portal registration website URL is not public. If university departments need to do business with a supplier that is not already in the supplier database, here are the steps for requesting the addition of a new supplier to the portal:

  1. Search the supplier database in Kuali using supplier name (not WEBBA ID) to check for an active profile before requesting an addition. If you are unsure of the exact supplier name, use the “wild card” to expand your search (example: for Asia Society Southern California, search using the asterisk wild card = Asia*).

  2. If you do not find the supplier in Kuali, submit a request via the New USC Supplier Request form to Supplier Data Management Services (SDMS). A valid USC email address is required to submit this form. 

  3. SDMS will also perform a search in Kuali before inviting the supplier to complete its profile in the portal.

  4. The invited supplier will receive two email notifications from USC Supplier Data Management Services ( providing them with the URL and login to complete the online application. For security purposes, the supplier’s username and temporary password are sent in separate emails.

  5. Once the supplier completes the profile it routes to SDMS for review. If there are any discrepancies, SDMS electronically prompts the supplier for more information. 

  6. When the application is complete and the supplier has been added to Kuali, SDMS will inform the requesting department via email that the supplier is cleared to do business.
Update Existing Suppliers

USC Supplier Portal facilitates supplier self-service and maintenance of profile data. SDMS can issue a password to existing suppliers thereby allowing them to login at any time and update their records directly.

For certain instances, such as government agencies or institutions that do not have an available direct contact, SDMS can assist with processing the change directly. For these instances, please first obtain our required worksheet by emailing and then follow the instructions in the Kuali General Purpose Workflow guide below on this page. Please note that your request must be detailed and accurate to allow for timely processing. Any request not meeting the criteria will be returned.

USC Supplier Portal Resources
  • Open Lab Sessions: Register for USC eMarket post-training assistance as needed.  Designed for University Staff who have questions AFTER they have already completed their eMarket training, sessions are held at UPC.


If you are a supplier and would like more information, please visit the Purchasing USC Supplier Portal.