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Division of Financial and Business Services

BI-Cognos ASRs

All users with authorization to run KFS Inquiries can now run a Business Intelligence (BI) Cognos Account Status Report (ASR) for any accounts to which they have access. A person needs to be assigned Role 131186 — General Ledger Viewer — to run BI-Cognos ASRs.

Visit Checking a Kuali Profile to learn how to use the KFS Person Lookup feature to verify whether a Kuali user has been assigned the General Ledger Viewer role.

Formal training is not required to run BI-Cognos ASRs, but a variety of resources are available to help the beginner learn how to navigate BI-Cognos and run ASRs for their authorized accounts.

Reminder: Bear in mind that users can access real time financial data with KFS Inquiries, whereas BI-Cognos reports are generated using data that is at least 24 hours old.

Which Browsers Support BI-Cognos ASRs?

Review the UPDATED Web Browser Compatibility Chart to see if you are using the correct browser to run a BI-Cognos ASR.

Clearing Your Browser Cache: Use this guide to clear out your browser cache in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Clearing the cache should enable you to run reports faster.

BI-Cognos ASR Training
  • BI-Cognos ASR Training — register for a training session on how to run BI-Cognos ASRs and KFS Inquiries.
Kuali User Support

Individuals needing additional help accessing and navigating BI-Cognos ASRs should contact:
ITS Customer Support Center — (213) 740-5857.


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