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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kuali User Advisory

Issues Related to the 7/13/2012 System Update

The Kuali system update that was performed on July 13 added numerous code enhancements, including some that are required for the upcoming roll-out of the new eMarket system. Since this system update was performed, we have received reports of a few issues affecting performance and functionality. This Kuali User Advisory message offers brief descriptions of those issues, and recommended workarounds that can be used while permanent solutions are being developed.

Difficulty performing an Account Lookup from the Accounting Lines tab. This issue affects various Financial Processing eDocs, such as Advance Deposit, Cash Receipt, Credit Card Receipt, and General Journal Voucher. Previously, when working in the Accounting Lines tab, you could click the lookup icon next to the Account Number field to perform an account lookup. When the results of that search were displayed, you could click the "return value" link next to the desired account number to populate the Account Number field on the Accounting Lines tab. However, the lookup page may now be refreshed to show no search results at all, with a message stating that account records have been removed from the results for security reasons. We are working on a code change to correct this behavior, but until it is implemented, you can utilize the following method to bypass the problem:

1.    Without closing the window displaying the eDoc in which you are working, open a new tab or window in your browser and navigate to the Kuali system's Financial Main Menu page.

2.    In the upper right-hand area of the Kuali system's Financial Main Menu, locate the Balance Inquiries > General Ledger menu group, and click the Account Lookup inquiry.

3.    When the Account Lookup screen is displayed, specify search criteria as needed to look up the account you are seeking.

4.    When the results of your search appear in the Account Lookup screen, locate the desired account among the results and copy its account number to your computer's clipboard.

5.    Return to the browser tab or window displaying the eDoc that you were working on, and paste the account number you copied into the Account Number field of the Accounting Lines tab.

Issues affecting only Internet Explorer users

  • Problems with browser settings. In most instances, users who access the Kuali system with the Internet Explorer browser need to turn on the Compatibility View feature and add "" as both a trusted website and a Compatibility View website. Some Internet Explorer users have found that their previous settings are not always retained over time and may need to be reset occasionally. Please check the following settings in the Tools menu in the Menu Bar of Internet Explorer:
  • Ensure that a check mark appears next to Compatibility View in the Tools menu, indicating that it is selected.
  • Select Compatibility View settings in the Tools menu and confirm that appears in the list of websites added to Compatibility View.
  • Select Internet Options in the Tools menu, click the Security tab of the Internet Options window, and ensure that https://* appears in the Trusted Sites list.
  • Slow page rendering while using Internet Explorer. Users who access the Kuali system with Internet Explorer are reporting slow page rendering: delays in web pages being loaded or refreshed, various functions taking longer than usual, and so on. We are looking for a way to resolve this problem in Internet Explorer soon. In the meantime, we recommend accessing the Kuali system with the Firefox browser, in which pages are rendered without similar delays.

  • Problems opening KFS inquiry results in an Excel spreadsheet while using Internet Explorer. If you run one of the Balance Inquiries (located in the upper right-hand area of the Financial Main Menu), you can click the PDF or Spreadsheet link at the bottom of the results page to view or save the inquiry results as either a PDF file or an Excel spreadsheet, respectively. Internet Explorer users who click the Spreadsheet link and then choose the Open option to view the inquiry results as a new, unsaved Excel spreadsheet may encounter a lengthy processing delay and may be required to re-enter login credentials in a Windows Security dialog box before the desired spreadsheet opens. To avoid this problem, choose either the Save or Save As option instead, and save the Excel file to your computer. In addition, this problem does not seem to occur for Firefox users.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to resolve these issues.