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Division of Financial and Business Services
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USC is a contributing partner in the development of Kuali, a suite of software solutions, created by a consortium of universities to automate and integrate a broad range of administrative processes. Kuali software transitions users from paper to electronic documentation, enhancing tracking and accountability while preserving a document’s history in one place online. As a member of the Kuali Foundation, USC is at the forefront of creating an online enterprise system for the 21st century.

Kerry Etheridge, Communications Manager of USC Business Services.
  Cooking with Kuali (the Malaysian word for wok) shares user stories from staff and team members. We're always looking for new interview possibilities so please email Susan Lendroth with suggestions.

Kerry Etheridge Welcomes Users to New Website

In addition to using DVQE and P-Card eStatements herself, Kerry Etheridge, Communications Manager of USC Business Services, has created training materials for all of the procurement- and payment-related systems. “I especially enjoy using technology to make online trainings and tutorials. Remember when all training used to be done in person? It’s very satisfying to realize how many hours the USC community has saved by being able to get training delivered directly to their desktops,” she said.

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