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Division of Financial and Business Services
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System Updates

Cognos users who have been granted the necessary
user role can run the new BI Payroll reports here:

For more information, please refer to the
BI Payroll Reporting page. 



USC is a contributing partner in the development of Kuali, a suite of software solutions, created by a consortium of universities to automate and integrate a broad range of administrative processes. Kuali software transitions users from paper to electronic documentation, enhancing tracking and accountability while preserving a document’s history in one place online. As a member of the Kuali Foundation, USC is at the forefront of creating an online enterprise system for the 21st century.

Robert Dewara, Administrative Operations Business Office
  Cooking with Kuali

Cooking with Kuali! spotlights members of the Kuali user community.

Robert Dewara:
USC Football's #1 Fan?

Robert Dewara, Budget and Business Technician for the Administrative Operations Business Office, is one of USC football’s biggest fans.

“I like to take my vacation time during football season when I want to go watch away games,” said Robert. That timing works out well for him because his busiest time of year at work is December through March for budget season and at fiscal year end in June.

Robert works for Administrative Operations. 

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What's New?
(and Next!)

New! Updated payroll expense tranfers and new payroll reconciliation reports information.

Watch online intro to KFS — Kuali 101. See User Guide page for details.

Visit our Top 10 FAQs page for the questions most often asked by Kuali & USC eMarket users.

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