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Division of Financial and Business Services
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System Updates

Labor Encumbrance data is now available
to BI and KFS users.
The new process for labor encumbrance data
to be calculated by the Business Intelligence
system became active on 2/10/2016. For details,
please see the BI-Payroll Reporting page. 




USC is a contributing partner in the development of Kuali, a suite of software solutions, created by a consortium of universities to automate and integrate a broad range of administrative processes. Kuali software transitions users from paper to electronic documentation, enhancing tracking and accountability while preserving a document’s history in one place online. As a member of the Kuali Foundation, USC is at the forefront of creating an online enterprise system for the 21st century.

Signing into Services with Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
for system access is now required for
all USC staff. Registration for Duo
authentication can be requested
via this link.

When accessing a protected service or system, you will first enter your USC NetID username and password on the USC NetID sign-in page. Afterwards, you will be required to verify your identity through one of the three options on the Duo Authentication screen:

  • Duo Push: A notification is sent to your registered mobile device. You simply approve the login attempt by accepting the alert.
  • Phone Call: A call to a registered mobile or landline phone. Simply press “1” on the phone’s keypad to approve the login.
  • Passcode: A code supplied by the Duo Mobile app or sent via text message to your registered mobile phone. Simply type the supplied code into the login screen to complete the login process.

For more information about using Duo 2FA,
see: and



What's New?
(and Next!)

New! Updated payroll expense transfers and new payroll reconciliation reports information.

Watch online intro to KFS — Kuali 101. See User Guide page for details.

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