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Kuali@USC Cashiering
Division of Financial and Business Services

Kuali Cashiering: Access and Training

Training is required before access to Kuali Cashiering will be granted.

This 2-hour training session will give participant the hands on experience to get started using USC's cashiering system for departmental deposits. This system replaces the old G-receipt system. The participant will go away with the knowledge and experience to get started immediately using Kuali Cashiering.

USC's Kuali-Cashiering functions are cash management modules found in Kuali Financial Systems (KFS), a web-based financial services system tailored to a university's specialized accounting functions. The system uses electronic documents called eDocs to enter information into the system, and routes these documents for approvals. The routing process, including checks and balances, is determined by the type of eDoc. On final approval eDoc transactions are then passed to the University’s General Ledger.

The Kuali system-generated eDoc numbers track all transactions. Deposits slips have been created for every university department. These deposit slips along with a Kuali system eDoc verify deposits are credited to the correct department. EDoc numbers correspond to the G Receipt number on the department’s ASR. Departmental Batch numbers are no longer to be used to track departmental deposits. There is one Batch number per campus per day, the Cash Management eDoc number.

You will be shown how to log in to the Kuali Cash Management module after a function is selected. Before the requested function form is opened, a LOGIN dialog box will appear. Please enter your login UserID and password in the login dialog box. Each UserID is setup with certain privileges, allowing access to specific forms and approval functions. To LOGOFF, close the web browser using standard 'close' features, ie: click on the "X" in the upper right corner.


Training: (required before access to Kuali Cashiering will be granted)

Click here to signup for a Kuali-Cashiering Training session

During Kuali-Cashiering training you will log in to a Training system using a temporary login.
At the completion of your training session, you will be given a Kuali-Cashiering system access form to fill out and have signed by your SBO so that you may be setup with access to use the system.

For questions contact Peter Tom 213-821-7971 /


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