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Kuali@USC Cashiering
Division of Financial and Business Services

Using Kuali's Cashiering Application

You will be required to Login to the Kuali Cash Management module after a function is selected. Before the requested function form is opened, a login dialog box will appear. Please enter your login UserID and password in the login dialog box. Each UserID is set up with certain privileges, allowing access to specific forms and approval functions. For security reasons the system has a 30-minute time-out when there has been no activity.  On re-entry to the application, the system will open at the same point.  To LOGOFF, close the web browser using standard "close" features, ie: click on the "X" in the upper right corner.

About eDocs:
An eDoc form is set-up to look like a file from a file cabinet, with processes listed on tabs. A selected eDoc opens with the required tabs expanded and the optional tabs collapsed. The action buttons are located at the bottom of the eDoc. Each process may be displayed or hidden by clicking on the Show or Hide toggle button on the tab.

About Action Lists:
The Action List is a listing of all the eDocs requiring the currently logged in user to complete or acknowledge. Click on the Action List button to open the pending eDocs.  The most commonly requested actions are Approve the transaction, Acknowledge by opening the eDoc and a courtesy FYI. Once an eDoc in the Action List has been acted on, it is cleared from the user’s Action List.

About Financial Transaction Processes:
The financial transaction eDocs are accessed from the Financial Processing sub-menu group under Administrative Transactions. The eDocs used by the Cashiering application are Advanced Deposit, Cash Receipt and Credit Card Receipt. The Cashier's Office also uses the Cash Management eDoc.

  • Advance Deposit - Used by departments that transact their own bank deposits, without processing through the Cashier’s Office. The Advance Deposit eDoc distributes the deposit to the appropriate accounts.
  • Cash Receipt – Records cash and checks received by departments for bank deposits, processed by the Cashier’s Office via the Cash Management Document.
  • Credit Card Receipt – Records credit card payments received by departments for bank deposits, processed by the Cashier’s Office via the Cash Management Document.
  • Cash Management – Used by the Cashier’s Office to total the university’s bank deposits for the day, one Cash Management document per campus. The day’s Cash Receipt eDocs are attached to the daily Cash Management eDoc.


System Access:
For system access, please sign up for a training session where you will receive a copy of the Kuali Cashiering system access form.

System Training:
Click here to sign up for a Training session.