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Kuali@USC Cashiering
Division of Financial and Business Services


Friday, October 26, 2012

Capital Edit tab in Cashiering eDocs Activated

Subject: Capital Edit tab in Cashiering eDocs

Attention, all KFS users authorized to work with Cashiering eDocs (Cash Receipt, Credit Card Receipt, and Advance Deposit): eDocs:

Effective on Monday, October 29, 2012, the Capital Edit tab will be activated on each of the Cashiering eDocs named above. This tab collects additional information that must be entered if one or more financial transactions detailed in the eDoc pertain to an existing capital asset, generally meaning movable equipment costing $5,000 or more.

Please note that the Capital Edit tab will open only when you have entered a Capital Equipment object code in the Object field of an entry on the Accounting Lines tab in the eDoc. Most users will not be affected.

The KFS Cashiering Reference and Training Guide has been updated to discuss the Capital Edit tab. You can always find the most current version of this user guide in the “User Resources and Training” table on the User Resources and Training Support page at the Kuali@USC website.

If you need additional assistance in completing the Capital Edit tab, please contact Equipment Management at or by telephone at 213-821-2880.