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FBS Employment & Forms

USC's HR Service Center provides assistance with employee benefits, payroll, or any other HR-related inquiries on employment-related matters for faculty, staff and student workers.

Contact Info:  213-821-8100 or
Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm.

Please contact one of the FBS HR Partners for forms, access, etc.:

Forms for Internal FBS Use:
  • New Employee Resource Guide
    This powerpoint presentation is part of the FBS new hire "packet" created for us at the request of FBS directors. This packet is for distribution to "new hires" on their first day of work. (Rev: 3/4/2013)
  • Work Study Job Application
    Used by student job applicants to apply for temporary / workstudy jobs. This form is available as a courtesy for departments, and is not required.
Employment Forms:
  • Justification to Open a Personnel Requisition
    This form is completed when a department wants to open a position that has been vacated by an employee, or wants to open a new position. 
  • Payroll Authorization
    This form (Green Sheet) is submitted for all departmental employee status and payroll changes and/or additions.
  • Involuntary Termination Questionnaire
    Please contact
    Miriam Hernandez for this form and instructions.
    This document (completed by department) must accompany any paper work submitted for involuntary termination of employment.
    Submit completed form to HR Service Center , 213-821-8100 or
    Questions? Contact HR Service Center