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Equipment Management
Division of Financial and Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase additional Components and/or Accessories?

Departments acquiring accessory items with a value of less than $5,000 per unit, for any existing equipment other than fabrications or Clusters, must use the Material and Supplies object code (15xxx).

Departments acquiring accessories or upgrades for fabrications/Clusters must fill out the Capital Asset Management Tab on eMarket and the Asset/Tag number of the item being fabricated or the cluster. This will enable Equipment Management to approve the purchase of the items under the equipment object code. Fabricated equipment is an Asset that is constructed and developed at the University by combining discrete components and/or materials into one identifiable unit. In order for equipment to be considered a fabrication, all components must work as one unit. The finished fabrication must have a unit cost of $5,000 or greater and a useful life of one year or more. In order for the Asset to be classified as a “Cluster” it must be combined units (e.g. Nodes, Modules, etc.) working together as parallel computing unit. The units are being clustered to serve a specific purpose in a research environment. Cluster must be kept working together for a minimum of three years.

Additional accessories, components or upgrades for existing Assets may be procured as equipment as long as they are acquired within the 12 months of the main Asset acquisition.


See Equipment Management Policy, page 5: Acquisition.

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