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Payment Plan

Fall 2015 enrollment for regular 5-pay plans begins August 1st for pre-registered students.
Payment Plan sign-ups require:
$50 application fee, 1st month's payment, and any additional monthly payment due
(late sign-ups may require submission of 2nd monthly payment,
sign-ups after the term settlement deadline will also be assessed late fees).
Payment Plan homepage:

The USC Payment Plan allows settlement of a student account (one term at a time), through a line of credit established with the USC Student Financial Services office...  Please note that students who sign up for a payment plan are still responsible to monitor their STUDENT ACCOUNT for any additional charges which may be assessed. 

'USC Payment Plans' box on the 'Your Account' page displays your current PP options:

If payment plan enrollment is open and you have pre-registered and are eligible to sign up for a payment plan, you may click on the link to 'Enroll' in a payment plan for the term specified.
Enrollment in the USC Payment Plan is not complete until both the enrollment fee and the first installment have been paid online.

When you have an active payment plan, 'View your... payment plan' will be displayed, which allows you to review your payment plan and change the bank acount information used for automatic monthly payments.

If you are not eligible for Payment Plan, or your payment plan has ended, or it is summer term (for non-trimester students), you will see: 'There are currently no plans available to you' displayed here...

Note: only trimester students in participating programs are eligible to sign up for trimester payment plans with 4 monthly payments, which include a summer term payment plan.

USC Representatives can answer any questions you may have at 213-740-4077.