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About Western Union (WU) Wire Transfers offered via
  • This service is provided by Western Union Business Solutions through our provider CASHNet.
  • NOT automatically submitted by, you have 72 hours to deliver the paper form to your bank.
  • Payment using a WU Wire Transfer request is NOT COMPLETE until you have taken the paper form printed from to your bank.
  • WU Wire Transfer Exchange rates are for SPECIFIC amounts and are ONLY valid for 72 hours!
    Please generate a NEW form for different amounts, and and/or additional payments.
  • USC does not charge a fee for WU Wire Transfers.  (however your bank may charge an encounter fee)
  • WU Wire Transfer Requests will show a PENDING status until we receive notice from our bank payment has been received. If you did not submit the paper form to your bank, the pending payment will drop off your account and late fees will be assessed if appropriate.
  • WU Wire Transfer payments POST to student accounts as soon as we receive notice from our bank that the payment has been received.
  • WU Wire Transfers may process in as little as 5 days (traditional wires can take 3-4 weeks).
How to generate a WU Wire Transfer payment request form using
  1. go to  (available from MyUSC and OASIS) to CREATE and PRINT wire transfer payment request form.
  2. submit form to your bank within 72 hours to complete the payment process.

For NEW students:

How do I submit an international wire transfer for my tuition and fees to USC before I come to the U.S.?



Rev: 1/12/2016