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eRefunds (Direct Deposit)

The student account is checked daily for a credit balance year-round (during Fall, Spring and Summer terms); if a qualifying credit balance exists, it will be processed for deposit into the bank account specified. Refunds are sent to your bank and usually show up in student bank accounts two business days from the date they are processed by the Cashier's Office (i.e.: eRefunds processed on Fridays may be available on Tuesday, depending upon your bank).

Please note that your authorization remains in effect for the duration of your attendance here at USC. Use if you need to make any changes to your bank account or to cancel the service.

Completing's online signup for eRefunds authorizes the University of Southern California to initiate deposits (credits) and/or corrections to previous credits to the financial institution (ie: bank) indicated. The financial institution is authorized to credit and/or correct the amounts to the Student's bank account. This authority remains in full force and effect until revoked by giving 10 days prior written notice to the University of Southern California's Cashier's Office, or cancelling (deleting) online eRefund signup. eRefund deposits may only be made to checking or sharedraft accounts. eRefund start

Important facts to remember about eRefunds:

  • If you are signed up for Payment Plan, refunds must be approved by Student Financial Services.
  • If your payment was made using a debit/credit card, it was processed through our credit card processor and we must refund to the debit/credit card, even if the debit/credit card draws from the same bank account as the one used when signing up for eRefunds.
  • eRefund applications (and changes) take 2 business days to process (for verification with your bank) before a refund may be requested.
  • Payments made by check, and online account transfer payments, require 10 business days after they are received to become eligible for a refund.
  • eRefunds are deposited into bank accounts two business days from the date they are processed by the Cashier's Office.
  • eRefund deposits may only be made to checking or share draft accounts in U.S. financial institutions only.
  • Student Financial Services / Cashier's Office offers direct deposit refunds for qualifying credit balances on student accounts. Any other student direct deposits* (ie: stipends, payroll) require a separate application form submitted to the appropriate department.
  • We do not process eRefunds for accounts paid by wire transfer. You have two options: we can leave the wire in your account to be used for future charges or we can return the entire wire back to the originator.

eRefund data entry

Making Changes to eRefund setup

Students and epay guests can updated their own eRefund profiles. From the homepage ('your account'), click the 'Edit' button for eRefunds.  Click on the 'Edit' button to the right to make changes to existing eRefund profile information.


Questions ?? Please call (213) 740-7471.

To sign up: Students may go online to the system (from OASIS or MyUSC) to sign up for, change, or cancel eRefunds. New eRefund applications (or changes to account numbers) require validation by your bank which usually takes 2 business days. Once your bank information has been validated, eRefund processing may take an additional 2 business days after the date you see the transaction appear on your student account.

If there is a problem depositing the money to your account after your eRefund account has been validated with your bank, you will receive an email message asking you to check your eRefund account settings.  Once corrected, your eRefund will be processed.

* Please note that other departments at USC also offer direct deposit services for students, such as:

For more information, please see the REFUNDS webpage...