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Only students have access to enter and maintain guest user information.

Guests who lose or forget their login information must contact their student for assistance. If you have guests who need to access the system, you have 2 options:

  • set them up in OASIS as OASIS guests (using the 'Other' menu)
  • set them up in as direct login guests.

About OASIS guests:

  • Access to is through the OASIS for Guests 'Financial Information' menu.
  • OASIS guest profile information is displayed in for your convenience but any updates must be processed in OASIS (updates made using are not permanent unless they are for guests).
  • OASIS guest login ID's are composed of numbers & letters.

About (Direct Login) guests:

08/23/2013 - update for Internet Explorer 10 users creating guests on
Our website is not yet fully compatible with IE10. The solution is to run IE in compatibility mode. You have options when setting up. The easiest thing is to look in the address bar where the URL of the site you’re in is displayed. Just to the left of the little refresh arrow, if the site has incompatibilities, there will be a symbol that looks like a page torn in half colored gray. Click on the symbol and it turns blue – then the site should work. Alternately, you can click on “Tools” in the menu bar, then click on “Compatibility View.” We apologize for any inconvenience and our provider is working to resolve this issue. offers easy access for guests:

  • receive an email with login information when your student creates, or resets, your access (see below)...
  • view student account summary or bills, make payments, and access payment plan from a single page...
  • payment information (profiles) may be stored securely for future use and is only available to you...
  • check on pending payments, see payment detail, re-print payment receipts...
  • international parents have access to pay tuition and fees by international wire transfer in their own currency from many countries using Western Union's competitive exchange rates, with streamlined payment processing - you simply take the system-generated wire transfer form to your bank within 72 hours!

Sample screenshot of guest user setup page:


Sample of email which is sent to NEW guest users after setup: