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The online system allows students (and authorized guest users) to see their financial records at USC, and includes the ability to:

  • see current student account balance
  • review monthly billing statements
  • see transactions since the last billing statement
  • make a payment to their student account
  • sign up for payment plan (PP)
  • sign up for automatic eRefunds
  • set up and maintain Guest User profiles
  • handle Title IV authorizations

What does show me or let me do?

  • view / print up to 4 years worth of monthly billing statements...

    Each month, billing statements are generated for all students who have outstanding balances or have activity. When monthly billing statements are ready, e·Bills (email notices) are sent to students and their designated guests.
Make Payment (& Payment Queue) - payments for student accounts & Payment Plan only...
  • submit payment requests using: electronic checks, debit / credit cards, payment plan, or print form for Western Union wire transfer requests...
  • payment receipts are available for payments made using