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Web check Payment Entry

Web check (electronic bank transfer) payments to student accounts may be requested from your U.S. banking institution checking or savings account. Most banks do not accept web check requests from other types of accounts, such as: money market, mutual fund, line of credit and brokerage accounts.

If you would like to pay using a debit card, please use the credit card payment option.

Payments made after 5:00pm PST on the payment due date will be considered late. To avoid payments being rejected by your bank, please verify payment information with your bank before entering online payments. If your bank declines a payment, it will be treated as a returned item and your account will be subject to late fees, returned item fees and finance charges.

In order to submit a web check payment, you will need to enter:

  • Type of Account*: Checking -or- Savings
    Your online payment may be rejected and returned by your bank if you do not select the proper type of account (checking or savings), even if you enter the correct account number. Individuals with linked checking and savings accounts (such as those at USC Credit Union) should double-check their account type to prevent their payment requests from being rejected by their bank.
  • Bank Routing or ABA number*
    Some banks use a different routing number for online payments.
    Avoid returned item fees ($25) and late fees / penalties on your student account by checking with your bank about the correct routing number to use for online payments.
    Check Example 1:
    one version of routing and account numbers
    Check Example 2:
      another version of routing and account numbers
    Routing numbers may display anywhere along the bottom of your check, depending upon your bank, however
    this symbol " | :" always appears before and after the routing number on paper checks. 
  • Bank account numbers (see above images) are composed of 2 sets of numbers marked on both sides by 2 or 3 vertical marks, and do not include the check number.
    Please do NOT enter a debit card number as your bank account number!
    If you would like to pay your student account using a debit card, please use the credit card payment option!
    • Individuals with linked checking and savings accounts (such as those at USC Credit Union) should double-check the account number and account type (checking or savings) to prevent payment requests being rejected. Please do not enter spaces, dashes or other punctuation.  Please enter all zeroes which appear in the account number. Please DO NOT enter a 16-digit debit card number as it will be rejected and the student account may become subject to late fees and penalties.
  • Bank account holder's name - this is your name, as it appears on your bank account statements.
  • Payment amount - you may pay any portion of the Minimum Payment Due (for Fall / Spring terms, all tuition & fees are due by the Fall/Spring settlement deadline).

* To avoid late fees & other penalties: If you have any questions about whether you have a checking or savings account, or about your bank account or routing numbers, please contact your bank for clarification. Click here for more information on 'returned item' penalties & fees.

Web Check Payment Submission

Once your bank routing information has been validated, you will need to select 'Yes' if you agree with the terms of payment. Your payment will not be submitted for processing until you click the 'Submit Payment' button.

See 'Payment Receipts'...