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Make an Online Payment: offers secure free online payment processing for your STUDENT ACCOUNT or PAYMENT PLAN ACCOUNT.  The 'make payment' page allows entry of 1 or more payments for 'Tuition and Fees' and/or 'Payment Plan'.

If you are a NEW student, please note that online financial services (and will not be made available until we assess the 1st semester's tuition & fees, which is after you have registered (enrolled in classes) and charges have been posted to your account. online payment options

  • credit or debit card payment (no fees are assessed for debit/credit card payments)
  • web check (electronic bank transfer)
  • wire transfer request (request form & exchange rate expire after 72 hours)
  • USC payment plan (establishing a line of credit with monthly payments allows student to 'settle' all or part of their student account balance)

About's Online Payments

  • Inability to access does not excuse students from the responsibility for timely payment.  To avoid late fees, if is not available, please review our OTHER Payment Methods...
  • Payments made after 5:00pm PST on the payment due date will be considered late and the student account may be subject to late fees and finance charges.
  • Please verify your bank account information before submitting a payment request.  If your bank declines your payment request for any reason, it will be treated as a returned check and your account will be subject to late fees, returned check fees and finance charges.
  • Balance Due: You will not be able to submit payment for 'Tuition & fees' when there is NO balance due amount on the student account.
  • Routing Numbers: please read this IMPORTANT information about ROUTING NUMBERS for ONLINE payments...
  • Rejected Payment Requests: If a payment request is rejected by the bank for any reason, a "returned item" charge of $25 is assessed, and you may be responsible for late fees.  Any returned items will void outstanding deferments, making all balances due, in full, immediately.  Students and parents should be aware that account transfer payments may be held by the bank for the maximum time allowed by law.  Please allow ample time for funds to be made available by the date payment is due.

Making Payments

Step 1: In, click 'Make Payment' tab to begin payment entry:

If you HAVE NOT signed up for a Payment Plan, you will see only the 'Tuition and Fees' payment option.
If you HAVE signed up for a Payment Plan, you will also see a 'Payment Plan' or 'Installment' payment option.

In the image below, payment options are displayed for a student who had additional fees assessed to their student account after they had signed up for a Payment Plan.  If additional charges are posted during fall/spring reg, the additional amount is due by the term payment deadline to avoid finance charges and late fees. In this scenario the student may choose to (1) Submit a payment for the additional fees ($700), or (2) increase their Payment Plan budget by submitting a PP change request.  Click here for information about increasing or decreasing payment plan budgets.

Step 2: Select Payment Type ('Tuition and Fees' or 'Payment Plan') and Enter Payment Amount:

After you have selected the type of payment you wish to make you will need to enter the payment amount.  Please note that the payment amount in the entry 'box' defaults to the total 'Balance Due'.  If you wish to make a partial payment or use multiple payment options, you will need to enter a different payment amount.  Once the correct payemnt amount has been entered, click on 'Add to Payment Queue'.  See image below for example of a screenshot where the payment amount is the 'Balance Due' amount.

Once you have entered the desired payment amount, click 'Add to Payment Queue'.

Step 3: CHECKOUT - Select Payment Method and Submit

Please select your desired payment method, enter the necessary account information, and 'Submit' your payment.

To create a stored PAYMENT METHOD:
you will need to 'checkout' and enter your payment information.  The final piece of payment information entered is an optional 'name' which is required to 'save' a payment method.

For multiple payments, be sure to enter and process each amount separately. online pay options include:

  • USC PAYMENT PLAN payments
    Payment plans are payable by Automatic Monthly deduction from a U.S. Bank checking or savings account only.  See instructions below for web (electronic) check payments.
  • Web Check payments - (method used for all payment plan payments)
    A web check is an electronic transfer of funds to USC from a checking or savings account drawn on a U.S. bank. Please do NOT use a debit card number as the bank account number.  Debit cards must be processed like credit cards. Avoid late fees & penalties by verifying your routing number and checking / savings account number with your U.S. Bank. Some banks use different routing numbers for online payment processing.
    Please note that if a web check payment request is rejected by your bank, your student account will be debited and penalties may be assessed.  If your payment request is rejected, please contact your bank to find out why. 
  • Credit Card and Debit Card payments
    Our payment processor accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards which have been issued by U.S. banking institutions. However, our credit card processor does not accept CVV codes at this time. If your payment is rejected, please contact your bank to find out why. If you are notified that a 'timeout' has occurred while your payment request was processing, you may contact your bank to find out whether the request was approved. If your billing address is foreign, you may try submitting your payment using the student's local address zip code. Debit / credit card payments should post to your student account within 1 business day.
    Foreign debit / credit card payments may not be approved by the issuing bank. Frequently this is because online payments are not considered in-person transactions, or the payment amount may be over a certain limit. HOWEVER, if you would like to try using a foreign debit / credit card please use the student's local (U.S.) address and zip code when making the CC payment. Please contact your bank to find out why a payment request was rejected.
    08/23/2013 - update for Internet Explorer 10 users creating guests on Please note that website is not yet fully compatible with IE10 (Internet Explorer 10).  If this is the case: you may not see an option for payment by credit card. The solution is to run IE in compatibility mode. You have options when setting up. The easiest thing is to look in the address bar where the URL of the site you’re in is displayed. Just to the left of the little refresh arrow, if the site has incompatibilities, there will be a symbol that looks like a page torn in half colored gray. Click on the symbol and it turns blue – then the site should work. Alternately, you can click on “Tools” in the menu bar ,then click on “Compatibility View.” We apologize for any inconvenience and our provider is working to resolve this issue.
  • International Wires using Western Union Business Solutions wire transfers
    One of our payment options is the ability to pay by wire via Western Union Business Solutions (in currency from a limited but growing number of countries). To generate a payment request document that you take to your bank, choose "Pay with Foreign Currency" when you checkout. After you click 'Submit Payment' and generate the 'pdf' Wire Transfer Payment Request form, be sure tp print the document and submit it to your bank within 72 hours, as directed. The exchange rate quoted on the form is valid for 72 hours.
    Please remember that it can take several weeks for a wire transfer to reach USC, so plan accordingly to avoid late fees. Western Union Business Solutions Wire Transfer payment requests done via generally take 5 business days to process once submitted to your bank. Wire Transfer payments will be posted to your student account as soon as we receive notification from our bank that a payment has been received.
    Click here to see a list of currencies available through Western Union Business Solutions...

Step 4: Payment Request Acknowledgement (received via email)

After you have submitted your payment request(s), you will receive an acknowledgement by email to your official USC email address and any additional email addresses which you may have entered.  The email will have a subject of "Thank you for your payment" and will include:

  • whether payment is for ('Tuition and Fees' or 'Payment Plan')
  • payment option
  • date of payment request
  • amount of payment request
  • payment method and type (if applicable)
  • last 4 digits of the account number (for e-check and Debit/Credit card payments),
  • the student's name

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