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Online Statements (generated monthly):

If you are a NEW student, no statement dates will be listed in the 'Your Bills' box
on the 'Your Account' tab of until AFTER your first monthly billing statement is generated,
which is usually after your first term's tuition & fees are posted...

The 'View bills' page provides a list of all statements that have been created for a student account (from January 2006 to the present). USC generates billings statements every 4 to 5 weeks, after payment deadlines, 12 times per year (see Monthly Billing SCHEDULE).  Statements are only generated for those students with outstanding balances or activity on their account during the billing period. E-bill notices are sent to all students and their authorized guests each month when a new monthly billing statement becomes available. Each billing statement has an icon to the left of the statement date with either an open or closed envelope.  A closed envelope means that the billing statement has not yet been 'viewed' by the student.

To see a billing statement, please click on 'View' to the right of the desired billing date. Only the 3 most recent billing statements are available from the 'Your account' page, so if you need to see an older statement click on the 'view bills' tab or 'View all' in the 'Your bills' box to see billing dates for all available statements.

* Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above is required to VIEW and/or PRINT statements. Click image on right to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website... Download Adobe Acrobat Reader - FREE


Each month, billing statements are generated for all students who have outstanding balances or have activity on their student account during the month.  The student system is 'frozen' beginning at 5pm on the Friday of a monthly payment due date (which may also be a Fall / Spring tuition and fee payment deadline), and statement processing begins immediately. When the statements are ready, e·Bills (email notices with the subject "USC's New Monthly Billing Statement") are sent to all of these students and to their designated guests.

You may notice that some transactions listed on the Transactions listing page do not appear on your monthly statement. This is because when a transaction is cancelled or reversed, there is both a debit and a credit transaction listed for the same amount. To prevent confusion, if a correcting transaction occurs within the same monthly billing period, the 2 cancelling transactions will not be included on your monthly statement.

Online Student Account STATEMENTS do not reflect transactions from Payment Plan accounts (other than initial balance transfer). Please call 213-740-4077 if you have a USC Payment Plan account and have any questions regarding payments or other transactions on your Payment Plan Account.

Whenever a new transaction has been posted to your student account, it should be displayed on in 10 minutes or less. The account balance will also be updated.

Fall / Spring Semester Billing Statements:

If you are a new student, your account will not be created until you have enrolled in classes and charges have been posted to your account, even if you have already paid a commitment deposit.

For students who pre-registered (more than 40 days before the start of classes): Fall & Spring tuition fees are not posted until approximately 1 month prior to the start of classes and are due on the payment deadline which occurs the Friday before the start of the main (001) session of classes.


Summer term and other Billing Statements:

Summer tuition & fees are posted at the time of registration and due when billed.

Online billing statements are generated twelve times per year (see Monthly Billing SCHEDULE), and are available online using the service. USC does not mail paper statements to currently enrolled students. We do send e·Bills each month to students and their authorized guests notifying you that a new monthly billing statement is available online (for those students with outstanding balances or activity on their account during the billing period). For students who pre-register for the Fall or Spring terms, your tuition and fees for that term should be included on the statement generated the month before the start of classes.

We generate student account statements twelve times yearly, at intervals of four to five weeks (See Schedule). Payments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the due date (found on the statement) to ensure that they are credited to the account before late fees and/or finance charges are assessed. If a student does not register early or if they are receiving federal Financial Aid (which posts a few days before the start of classes), a new statement which includes all tuition, fees and financial aid cannot possibly be available before the Fall / Spring payment deadline, although the amount due will be available online in