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Student Account Transactions (Recent Activity)


To see transactions posted to your student account since the last billing statement:

  • go to's 'your account' page
  • look at the bottom of the Account Summary box (top-left)
  • click on 'Click here to view recent activity since your last bill'

    Please note that any reversed /or/ cancelled transactions which occured during the same billing period as the initial transaction (where there is both a debit as well an offsetting credit) will not appear on statements.
  • Common Fees and Transactions

Also, the last 3 online payment transactions (or refunds) posted to your student account are displayed too

  • go to's 'your account' page
  • look on the left side under 'Your Recent Online Transactions'
  • click on 'View All' for a listing of all online payments (and refunds) since Dec. 2011
    Depending on the amount of activity, some or all of the transactions displayed may have been included on previous month's billing statements, (see transaction date).

eRefunds for fall or spring qualifying credit balances begin the Wednesday before the start of classes. For summer terms, eRefunds begin on the first day of class. Students who have signed up for eRefunds will have their accounts reviewed on a daily basis (year-round) for a qualifying credit balance to be refunded.


Payment Plan payments do not appear as transactions on, or post to, the student account. The USC Payment Plan is hosted by CashNet and payment entry, signups, payment history, and payment profiles are only available on the website under Payment Plans. 

Payment Plan budget transactions (setup, budget changes, cancellations) are posted to the student account.
Please call 213 740-4077 if you have any questions regarding your Payment Plan Account.


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