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Division of Financial and Business Services HELP > Guests (CashNet) Guests... guests receive monthly ebill notices, have access to online billing statements, have the ability to make online payments (including payment plan and international wire transfer requests) and set up payment profiles. If a guest signs up for a payment plan, they will receive payment plan emails including monthly reminders. guests are NOT authorized to receive verbal or written information about student financial and academic records.

Guest users are never deleted, however, you may 'deny' / revoke their access at any time by changing their access status. Students and other guests do not have access to guest payment profile information.

Setting up USC.epay guest users:

  1. Student must be logged in to the CashNet system (available from MyUSC or OASIS)
  2. go to Guest Accounts (PINs)  (lower left on 'my account' page), click on 'Add New' and enter:
    • guest email address
    • optional 'welcome note' text to be included in the new guest notification email
    • Access options: 'able to login' Y/N, 'receive e-bills', 'receive PP notices'.
    Once guest setup has been completed, a new guest notification email is sent to the guest which includes their new login information (see below) and temporary password.  This email is sent out when a student creates, or resets guest access.

Sample Screenshots: