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Only students have access to enter and maintain guest user profiles and information.
Guests who lose or forget their login information must contact their student for assistance.
Our service is provided for us by CashNet. offers easy access for guests:

  • guests receive an email with login information when a student creates, or resets their access (see below)...
  • guests may view the student account summary or billing statements, make online payments, and access (sign up for) payment plan from a single page...
  • guest payment information (profiles) may be stored securely for future use and are only available to you (not to the student)...
  • guests may check on their pending payments, see payment detail, re-print payment receipts...
  • international guests have access to pay tuition and fees by international wire transfer in their own currency from many countries using Western Union's competitive exchange rates, with streamlined payment processing - simply take the system-generated wire transfer request form to your bank within 72 hours!
  • guests with valid email addresses receive the monthly e-bill notification emails when a new billilng statement becomes available online...
Setting up USC.epay guest users:

On CashNet

  1. go to Guest Accounts (PINs)
  2. click on 'Add New' to setup a guest
  3. enter / create a guest user id
  4. enter the guest's email address
  5. Set up access option

Guests may receive monthly ebill notices, payment plan emails, see online bills and make online payments. Guest users are never deleted, however, you may 'deny' / revoke their access at any time by changing their access status. Guests do not have access to review or list guests or bank account information othere than their own. guests are NOT authorized to receive verbal or written information about student financial and academic records.

When guest setup has been completed, guests will receive an email with login information (see below).  This email is sent out when a student creates, or resets guest access.


Sample screenshot of guest user setup page:


Sample of email which is sent to NEW guest users after setup: