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The 'your account' page is the homepage of the system and displays the account summary - an overview of student account 'balance', minimum payment due, next payment due date, etc.  This page also has links to all other functions.
To see a sample screenshot of the 'your account ' page scroll to bottom of this page.

Explanations for items displayed on the 'your account' tab of

Your Account   
Information last updated: displays date and time student account information was last updated.
Account Status: displays "Current" unless student account is more than 30 days past due and has gone into collections status.
Due Date: displays the next monthly due date, even if student is "Past due", has missed a payment deadline, or during first 3 weeks of fall/spring terms when any unpaid balance is due by Friday at 5pm.
Previous Balance: displays balance from last billing statement, and does not include recent activity.
Minimum Payment due: displays amount which is currently due or is due by the Due Date.
Account Balance: displays current account balance, including any outstanding previous balance and all transactions since the last billing statement. During fall/spring registration periods  (week before and 3 weeks after the start of classes for fall/spring terms), all tuition & fees are due by the following Friday at 5pm.  During other billing periods, the amount due by the next due date is the amount that was billed on the last billing statement. 
* for students who drop or add classes after the settlement deadline during fall/spring registration: all charges must be paid or deferred in full by 5 pm, PST, on Friday during the week in which the change took place. If any portion remains unpaid, late fees will be assessed according to the late fee schedule ($100.00 per week).
Deferred Balance: amount which has been deferred, such as when loans are expected, and Financial Aid enters an amount so that you can see more easily what you should pay by the term deadline.
Click here to see recent activity... displays student account transactions which have posted since the last billing statement was generated.  Payments will display as transactions, including the dates and amounts for up to 3 online payment request entries.
read about common student account fees & transactions
Recent Payments
Date & Amount displays student account payments (dates and amounts) for up to 3 of the most recent online payment request entries, ie: payments made online using
eRefund       (Direct Deposit Refunds)
Status displays ENROLLED if student has signed up for eRefunds.  An 'Edit' option allows students to change their own eRefund bank account or cancel participation in eRefunds.  New enrollments require several business days for processing as account number is verified with your bank.
Guest Accounts (PINs)   (guest users)
Guest ID's displays list of guest id's with access to student's account.   ID's which begin with 10-digit USC-ID are OASIS guest ID's.
Your Bills
Statements displays statement dates for most recent billing statements with option to 'View All'.  Open/closed envelope icons display to left, indicating whether statement has been viewed.
USC Payment Plans
Status displays student's current status for Payment Plan ('Enroll', 'View', 'Not available...', etc.).  If the student has a current payment plan, allows review of payments made and scheduled, as well as the ability to change bank acount information used for automatic monthly payments.  If a guest has signed up for a payment plan, the student will have access to the payment schedule only, and will not have access to the automatic payment information.
Saved Accounts
Payment Profiles displays list of payment profiles for bank account and credit cards, as named and saved by the student.  If the student is signed up for eRefunds, their eRefund account will automatically be included here as an account called "eRefundPay". The "eRefundPay" information may be added, changed or removed by clicking edit under "eRefund". This bank account is available for use during payment entry.  Payment profiles entered by guest users will not display on the student's list of Saved Accounts.
Title IV Funds Authorizations
Title IV preferences displays Title IV authorizations (for financial aid) submitted to-date by student and date of last update. Offers a clickable link for student to enter / update Title IV preferences.



Sample screenshot of the system homepage, also known as the 'your account' page: