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Division of Financial and Business Services online student account inquiry and payment

Summer tuition & fees are assessed at the time of enrollment and due when billed.
Read about deadlines, fees, etc. in the Schedule of Classes at .

Summer 2015 trimester 4-pay payment plans open to registered students in late March.
Fall 2015 payment plan sign-ups will open in late July to pre-registered students.

eRefunds for students with eligible credit balances who have signed up on are automatic!
Tax Reporting (1098-T's) for 2014
1098-T forms are now available on our provider's (ECSI) website for all domestic students
and for international students with a Tax-ID (SSN or ITIN) on file as of 1/10/15.
Students who did not sign up for electronic delivery should have received their forms by mail.
Note: SSN/ITIN corrections can only be made on forms for the current reporting year through March 10.
After this date, SSN changes given to Registrar will not be updated. Forms for prior reporting years are never updated.
Please continue to monitor your student account on for any charges which may post after graduation.
New Students -and-
New student accounts on are created when we assess the 1st semester's tuition & fees
(for Fall / Spring terms: about 1 month before the start of classes), which is after you have enrolled
in classes and charges have been posted to your account, even if a commitment deposit has been paid.
If you are a NEW student, you will not be able to access online financial services
(ie: the & USC Payment plan site hosted by CashNet) until charges have been posted!

To LOGIN, please click on system image:

Login to myUSC

Login uses USC email ID (aka: USC Net ID). and Payment Plan may be found on
the 'Student Services' menu.
Note: OASIS & Web Registration are also available on MyUSC.

Login to OASIS
Login uses 10-digit USC-ID. and Payment Plan may be found on
the OASIS 'Financial Information' menu.
Login ID is composed of numbers & letters.
' and Payment Plan' may be found on
the OASIS 'Financial Information' menu.

Login ID is an 8-digit number.
Direct Logins for guests...
We have learned that some browser versions interfere with some functions.
If you have any problems using, please use:
On Windows 7:
 * Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0, compatibility mode
 * Internet Explorer (IE) 10.0 (recommended)
 * Firefox 23.0, Chrome 30.0 or Safari 5.1.7 (recommended)
On Macintosh:
 * Safari 6.0 –or- Firefox 23.0 (recommended)
When you submit online payments they are immediately transferred to our bank for processing
and we cannot CANCEL them.
Inability to access does not excuse students from the responsibility for timely payment.
To avoid late fees, if is not available, please review our OTHER Payment Methods.
Incorrect ROUTING and/or BANK ACCOUNT numbers will result in a $25 returned item fee.
You may wish to verify these numbers with your bank before entering online payments.
  Depending on your bank, ACH payments may take up to 10 business days to settle.
Debit card payments are processed through credit card processing which means that refunds take longer.
Western Union/Travelex wire transfer request forms are ONLY valid for 72 hours,
please generate a NEW form for different amounts, and additional payments... <more>
and may take 1-2 weeks after your bank submission before posting (payment status = 'Pending'),
while OTHER wire transfers may take 3-4 weeks before our bank receives them and we can post them.
Please INCLUDE STUDENT'S USC-ID on wire transfers and START EARLY to avoid late fees and penalties.
Academic Records & Registrar - (213) 740-4080 - TRO-101
Admissions - (213) 740-1111 - SKS
Cashier's Office - STU 106
    - Within Southern California (213) 740-7471
    - Outside Southern California (800) 225-1222

Collections - (213) 740-9087 - PSB
Financial Aid - (213) 740-4444 - JHH
Health Center (Insurance/Fee Information) - SHC
    - University Park (213) 740-0551
    - Health Sciences Campus (323) 442-5989
Housing - PSX
    - Within Southern California (213) 740-2546
    - Outside Southern California (800) 872-4632

Meal Plans - (213) 740-8709 - PSX
Parking / Transportation - (213) 740-3575 - PSX
Payment Plan - (213) 740-4077 - PSB
Registration - (213) 740-8500 - TRO-101
Student Affairs - (213) 740-2421
Student Financial Services - (213) 740-4077 - PSB
USCard - (213) 740-8709 - PSX

The system may not be briefly unvailable due to system maintenance early on Sunday mornings...
When is my Payment due?
Click here for USC_epay tweets Follow USC_epay (monthly payment due dates & other reminders) on Twitter and payment reminders... <more>

Payment Due Dates - Schedule of monthly student account payment due dates.

Hours / System Availabilty - services are not available one weekend per month due to month-end processing which begins on specified Fridays at 5pm PST and continues through Sunday morning at 7am.

USC privacy policy (25kB Adobe Acrobat File) - USC Privacy Policy T&C (210.7kB Adobe Acrobat File) - Terms and Conditions

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