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Supplier Diversity Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Developing Subcontracting Plans for Federal Contracts

A subcontracting plan must be written by Supplier Diversity Services if required by the funding agency and for all proposals with budgets $650,000 or more.

  • All subcontracting plans must meet or exceed the stated requirements of the funding agency or the requirements set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and Defense and Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARs) applicable to it.
  • In the case where no requirements are stated in the request for bid, then Supplier Diversity Services must contact USC Contracts and Grants to determine the requirements.
  • All subcontracting plans must be submitted to USC Contracts and Grants for submission to funding agency. In no case shall Supplier Diversity Services submit a subcontracting plan directly to a funding agency.
  • The FARs and DFARs shall be the controlling factor for all federal subcontracting plans unless the funding agency submits changes in writing to USC Contract and Grants. These changes must be communicated in writing to Supplier Diversity Services prior to the formulation of the final subcontracting plan.
Services for All Departments

Rhonda Thornton, Director

  • USC In-reach and Outreach
  • Pre-qualifies certified supplies for USC Research Projects
  • Provides subcontract plan orientations to USC research departments  
  • Prepares and submits Government Subcontract Plans
  • Government Reports ESR, 294& 295