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Travel Card FAQs

For questions about the Procurement Card, please go to the Procurement Cards FAQs page.

  1. I've heard that we are getting new Travel Cards. Who is the new corporate card provider?

    The university has selected Citibank as its new corporate card provider, and the new cards will be Visa cards.

  2. Do I need to reapply with Citibank to get a Visa Travel Card?

    No. All Travel Cardholders who have used their Amex Travel Card within the last 18 months and do not have a past due balance will automatically receive a Citibank Visa Travel Card.

  3. When will I receive my new Travel Card?

    The new Citi Travel Cards will arrive the first week of November. The delivery of new cards will be coordinated by Corporate Card Services with your department's business office. Cardholders can use their new Citibank Travel Card beginning on November 12.

  4. Will the billing cycle dates change?

    No. The billing cycle will remain the same with Citi. The cycle will continue to start on the 26th of every month and end on the 25th of every month.

  5. How will I receive my statements?

    You will receive electronic statements through Citibank’s online portal. Please register at

  6. What will change?

    Expense reports for the new Citibank Travel Cards must be processed using the new Kuali DVQE process, while final Amex transactions must be expensed using the WEBBA QE process. It is imperative to use the correct system to ensure payment is posted to the correct account. You may learn more about the Kuali DVQE process at including a training sign up.