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P-Card eStatement FAQs

When should I receive my Procurement Card eStatement?

The P-Card statement cycle ends on the tenth of every month, and your eStatement will be added to your action list on or near the fifteenth of every month.

When are emails generated by KFS?

Emails are generated every time an item in your action list requires attention. This would include new, overdue, unapproved, or returned documents.

How do I handle eStatements if I have multiple P-Cards?

KFS will initate a separate eStatement for each card with new transactions within the current cycle.

How do I access Kuali?

You will need to use your USC NetID credentials to log in to Kuali. If you have problems or do not know/remember your login credentials, contact ITS Customer Support Center by phone (ext. 05555), or via email (

What are the cardholder requirements for processing an eStatement in KFS?

Cardholders are required to provide a business purpose for every transaction on the eStatement, attach at least one receipt and/or other supporting documents per transacton, and click the approve button to route the eStatement to the predesignated approver. If you need step-by-step instructions for processing eStatements, please go to the Training page and view the online tutorial for P-Card eStatements.

What are the approver requirements for approving an eStatement in KFS?

Aprovers are required to review all transactions, business purpose statements and supporting documents for reasonableness, necessity, and policy compliance.

How can I route an eStatement to someone for review or approval if he/she is not in the predesignated routing?

To route an eStatement to additional recipients:

  1. Click (show) the ad hoc tab in the eStatement.
  2. Select the action requested (review, approve, etc.).
  3. Click on the magnifying glass to locate the individual.
  4. Click return value.
  5. Click add.

Repeat this process for each individual added to ad hoc routing. The eStatement will be routed to the added individuals when you approve the eStatement.

What is the timeframe to complete the reconciliation of a P-Card eStatement?

The eStatement reconciliation and all approvals should be finalized no more than 21 days after KFS initiates the eStatement.

What happens if it takes more than 21 days to finalize an eStatement reconcilation and approval?

If an eStatement is not reconciled and approved within 21 days of KFS initiation, overdue eStatement email notifications are sent to cardholders, supervisors, SBOs, auditors, etc., at the 21, 35, and 50 day milestones.

What constitutes a sufficient business purpose statement?

In most cases, a well-written business purpose statement should include who, where, when and why. Even if the business purpose is inherently implied in a transaction (i.e., toner, paper, pens, etc.), the business purpose should identify the general location or project within the department for which the goods and/or services were purchased.

What is the definition of a receipt?

Per USC's Procurement Card Policy (Section 12.2 Receipt Requirements), a receipt requires sufficient information to support the transaction, including but not limited to:

  • Name of merchant
  • Amount of charge
  • Transaction details (what was purchased)
  • Transaction date
  • Tax and delivery charges
  • Evidence of card used (i.e., displays last four digits of card number)

A P-Card eStatement is not considered a receipt.

How do I attach small receipts?

Small receipts can be taped to a sheet of paper and scanned and attached as a single file to more than one P-Card transaction. Please note, however, that while scanning each small receipt to its own file is not mandatory, it is preferred by auditors.