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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FY 2011/2012 Closing Information

Dear Colleague:

To facilitate requests for purchases and payments between now and the close of FY 11/12, please go to the Business Services - Procurement web site foryear-end procedures and deadlines.

While all year-end deadlines are listed on the web site, please take special note of the dates highlighted below:

  • June 30: Fiscal year ends
  • July 16, noon: Last date/time to submit FY 11/12 invoices and check requests
  • July 16, after noon: Invoices and check requests received after this date/time will be paid in FY 12/13
  • July 19: 13 Series closes

Comptroller's Office approval is not required on FY 11/12 invoices and check requests received after June 30 and prior to 13 series closing. Similarly, approval is not required on deferrals provided the goods and/or services are scheduled for receipt in FY 12/13.

Please submit all FY 11/12 payment requests as soon as possible by email or (preferred), or deliver them to UGB 210. Since invoices and emails may become separated during processing, indicate on the invoice and in the email subject line that the invoice is to be paid in FY 11/12.

Please forward this email to staff in your unit who would benefit from having the information.