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Bank Reconciliations
Division of Financial and Business Services

Forms and Documents

Check Verification Request

Payment Services Stop Payment requests ( for checks aged 0-180 days):
Payroll (checks 0-90 days):

Check Re-Issuance

This form is used to request the re-issue of a Payroll, Payment Services, Delta Health Systems, USC Senior Care, or Bursar Accounts stale-dated check. 

  • Payment Services Accounts (>180 days)
  • Payroll Account (>90 days)
  • Bursar Account (>180 days)
  • Health Claims - Please contact Health Comp. at: 1-800-442-7247

  • Check Re-Issue Request FORM (pdf)

Petty Cash

  • OPENING a Petty Cash Account:
    To open a Petty Cash account, please login to Kuali and submit a 'DV' Disbursement Voucher with the payment code 'establish petty cash' selected.
  • REPLENISHING Petty Cash:
    Please contact Payment Services at (213) 740-2281 or check their website at: .  Use of this function requires a USCnet Login.
  • SBO Look-ups:
    The SBO look-up function has moved to the new USC Procurement website, on the "Find your Senior Business Officer (SBO)" webpage at: .  Use of this function requires a USCnet Login.
  • USC Expenditures Policies and Procedures
Check Cancellation Requests
  • Payroll Cancellations requests may be submitted 90 days after check was issued:
    • Please contact Nancy Ho , 213-821-2809