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Bank Reconciliations
Division of Financial and Business Services

Uncashed Checks / Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed property is a term used for outstanding checks, including checks issued by the university that have not been cashed by the payee, e.g. payroll checks, checks issued to vendors, reimbursement checks, etc.

USC holds unclaimed property, until the dormancy period of the payee’s state (based on last known residence) has run out. Once the dormancy period has expired, we must report it to the payee’s state. Due diligence must be done to try and contact the payee to see if the property is still outstanding or if it is no longer outstanding.

If we do not receive a claim for a refund in a timely manner, we must remit the funds to the state government, pursuant to the unclaimed property laws in effect, and you will have to apply to the state for a refund.

Have you received a request for information to verify your identity for a possible refund due to you from USC?

Please select one of the following and you will be taken to the appropriate webpage:
Unclaimed Property due FROM the University:
You have received a letter or an email from the University (USC's department of Bank Reconciliations) regarding an uncashed check from USC.
You have received an email from a USC employee (email address ends in "") about a possible refund due to you. This is because either you, or someone who shares your name, has been admitted, enrolled, or had some other association with USC in the past.
Unclaimed Property due TO the University:  (NOT FOR STUDENT USE)
  You believe that there are funds owed to the university (or a university department), that you would like to claim for your department.  You have back-up documentation which you will provide to support this claim.
Please email and include check number, date, amount of check, nature of property and reference invoice(s). Thank you.