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Bank Reconciliations
Division of Financial and Business Services

Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed property at USC refers to checks issued by the university that have not been cashed by the payee.

If you have received a letter indicating that the university is holding unclaimed property in your name, you must claim your property (funds) before the date specified in your letter. After that date, we are required to submit the funds to your State Controller’s office.

If you believe you are the owner of these funds and the name and address found on your letter are correct, please submit an Online Claim Request to claim your funds.

If there are changes to name or if you are submitting a claim on behalf of someone else:

  1. please complete and sign the letter
  2. include a copy of your government issued-license / ID or Passport (USC Faculty, Staff and Students may provide a copy of their USC-ID).
  3. include copies of any additional required documentation listed in the table below.
Required when... Individual Business
Requesting a Name Change
marriage certificate or court ordered name change document. legal documentation showing both old and new business name.
Submitting on Behalf of Someone Else
documentation demonstrating you are legally entitled to sign on behalf of individual. documentation demonstrating you are legally entitled to sign on behalf of business.


Please submit claim request letter & documentation by mail, fax or email to claim funds.

  Mailing address : USC Bank Reconciliations
University Gardens, Suite 110, MC 8012
Los Angeles, CA 90089-8012
  Fax number : 213-821-2818
  Email address :

Please allow 6-8 weeks processing time. If you have any questions, please contact us at 213-821-2113.



Unclaimed Property due TO the University:  (FOR USC PERSONNEL ONLY)

If you believe that there are funds owed to the university (or a university department), that you would like to claim for your department, please email and include check number, date, amount of check, nature of property, reference invoice(s), and any back-up documentation which you can provide to support this claim. Thank you.