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Bursar Administration
Division of Financial and Business Services

Departmental Access for BUR Systems

  • Access to all Bursar processes (except those in the "basic package") is approved by Bursar Administration.

  • To request access to any process, please complete a SIS User Support Access Request Form, available at: For questions about access requests, please call SIS User Coordination at x05337.

  • You may use the same form to request access to any process on the Student Information System that you need, regardless of which department "owns" them.  For example, you may request access to BUR.U.FTD and FAO.U.DAFC on the same form.

  • Once SIS User Coordination has processed your form, they will send copies to the appropriate departments for authorization on restricted processes.

  • When we receive and approve your form, we will give you access immediately to any processes that do not require training or special authorization for access.  If we have questions we will contact you directly for more information. If you have applied for a process that requires training, we will contact you to schedule a class.