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Wire Transfer Requests

Wire transfers should be requested only when other payment methods are not accepted by the supplier.

  • The preferred forms of payment for domestic suppliers are direct deposit or P-Card.
  • The preferred forms of payment for international suppliers are system check or P-Card.
Detailed Procedures

The following procedures should be followed when requesting a domestic or international wire transfer.

  • Complete a Disbursement Voucher (DV), making certain the DV is properly authorized and includes a clear business purpose for the wire;
  • Complete the appropriate Wire Transfer Request Form: Handwritten forms will not be accepted.
  • Attach the completed wire transfer request Form to the DV;
  • International wires can be sent in either U.S. dollars or in the currency specified;
  • Wire fees and currency conversion fees, if applicable, will be charged to the account number provided on the DV and will appear as a separate charge on the department's ASR;
  • All wire transfer requests must be submitted via the DV process;
  • Wire transfer requests should clearly indicate when funds are due;
  • Wire transfers using Sponsored Project Accounts no longer require approval from the Department of Contracts & Grants (DC&G), unless the transaction type requires DC&G review.
  • Wire transfers to Brazil should be requested in U.S dollars, due to strict currency controls. 
  • Wire transfers in Korean Won (KRW) must include a beneficiary contact name and phone number along with other beneficiary and bank details.

For assistance with completing the wire transfer request forms, please refer to Definitions of Terms Used on Wire Transfer Request Forms.