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Supplier Payments

Direct Deposit

All businesses and independent contractors (other than construction-related suppliers) with banks located within the U.S. are strongly encouraged to register for payment via direct deposit when completing or updating their online supplier profile in the USC Supplier Portal. Domestic direct deposit payments are processed by USC through the Automated Clearning House (ACH).

Businesses and independent contractors with banks located outside the U.S. are not eligible for direct deposit. These suppliers will receive university checks, wire payments, or foreign drafts. Please note that wire transfers should only be requested when other payment methods are not possible (see Domestic and International Wires below for more information).

Domestic and International Wires

Wire transfer requests are submitted via the Disbursement Voucher (DV) process using the appropriate form listed below:

Wire transfer request forms are fillable and should be typed. Handwritten forms cannot be accepted. The links below provide complete instructions on the wire transfer request procedures:

Foreign Drafts

When a foreign entity requires payment in a foreign currency, a DV should be submitted via Kuali. The explanation section should include a business purpose and indicate a "foreign draft."

The DV should be made payable to the entity needing the payment and should identify the amount in the applicable foreign currency. Do not prepare a DV in which the foreign amount has been converted to U.S. dollars. The foreign draft will be prepared in the amount and currency requested. The department's ASR will reflect the U.S dollar amount, according to exchange rates provided by the university's bank.

A minimum of ten (10) business days is required to process a foreign draft request, and it is the responsibility of the requestor to submit a properly prepared and authorized DV in sufficient time for processing.

When the foreign draft is ready, a representative from Payment Services will contact the requestor. All foreign drafts must be picked up from Payment Services. They cannot be mailed directly to the entity.