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Reimbursements/Missing Receipt Declaration

Disbursement Voucher Quick Expense (DVQE)

The DVQE process should be used for all reimbursements, regardless of source of funds, amount, or type of expense. The DVQE is a single online process that automatically calculates many of the university's business rules pertaining to per diem rates, mileage rates, etc. Access to the DVQE process is available by logging in to Kuali. To expedite reimbursements, employees and students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

Before completing an expense report, reference the Policies and Procedures page of this website for information such as allowable expenses and maximum rates.

Missing Receipt Declaration Form

If a required receipt is missing and all measures to obtain an acceptable receipt alternative have been exhausted, a Missing Receipt Declaration form can be completed and submitted in lieu of a receipt.

Additional Information

For additional information on the DV/DVQE processes, please go to the Kuali website.